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The continuity dustbin…

The new, if not improved Power Girl with Huntress

I find myself very surprised that there are still some negative reactions to the New 52. As expected, there were fans that left the books, using the newly coined phrase “52 jumping off points!”, but there are still people out on the web that are complaining 6 months on.
First of all, to those of you that complain for the “fun” of complaining: get over it. They are comics, and throughout the history of the medium, change has been constant. Not always consistent or in any way meaningful, but constant. More on that in a minute…
Next, find other books. If you are complaining and not reading, shut up until you know what you are talking about. Uninformed bitching is what the internet is all about, but this got old a while ago. If you don’t want to read them, don’t. Vote with your dollars. There are piles of worthy books out there. To those people that maybe were not all that thrilled, but gave the books a chance anyway, good for you. Even if you have since dropped all of them in disgust, you tried and that is all anyone can ask.
The people that have really gotten my goat are the ones with no memory, or at least very short memories. This is far from the first time a company has thrown the baby out with the bathwater, and it will not be the last.
The biggie is of course, the original Crisis. This was not popular in its day with the long time fans, but once it was over, things really took off. Once the plan to clean up the continuity was made, nothing from the old era, mostly Golden Age stuff was safe. They gutted the mess that was DC history, getting rid of complete areas of the universe. Without the first crisis, many of the best things in the DCU would not work or just not exist. Batman: Year One, the Superman reboot by John Byrne and much of what is now very popular in Green Lantern would be gone. Many characters were given the boot, mostly Earth-2, but major Earth-1 one heroes like the Barry Allen Flash and Wonder Woman were killed off. Some of the origins were made worse and more of a mess, but for the most part, it made the books more believable. DC has done several of these since to correct, clean up or otherwise hammer things into shape for stories they wanted to tell or stories they wanted to simply go away. Victims of this include the Legion of Superheroes, rebooted a few times since then, and much of Superman’s back-story and supporting cast.
Many small events have lead to merging continuities such as Captain Marvel and the Charlton characters like Blue Beetle and Captain Atom becoming part of the DCU. Some characters have had to vanish for other reasons…
ROM and the Micronauts at Marvel disappeared when Marvel lost the licensing rights. Despite the decent popularity of both at the time, these once in canon books are mostly gone. They are only hinted at for the most part, although the Miconaut Bug managed to exist beyond the death of the series and has shown up in the Marvel cosmic books by DnA recently.
What changes like this boil down to is that they will continue to happen. The New 52 cleared up some sticky issues that have been hampering DC for a while. The biggie for most fans is Lois Lane. She is no longer married to Superman. Done. Bam. HA! Suck it! Never really liked that marriage. Then there is all the history. The result of doing the “everyone has been around 5 years” that most of the books have done, is that you can keep the stuff you want to keep, without nailing down exactly what those things are. Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle is still there, and that makes officially canon, The Killing Joke. All of the Robins are still around and can still be explored (it appears that Jason will have a very different origin though). Identity crisis appears to have been voided, which is a bummer as I quite liked it. This has all given the writers a chance to tell better stories, and isn’t that the whole point?
With the announcement that Power Girl and the Justice Society are coming back in some form with the release of World’s Finest and Earth-2, things are really shaping up and may eventually click together.
You should stick with them too. Or give books and characters you were less than thrilled with before a try. Maybe even the most cynical fan will find something to like.

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My Day at C2E2 part two

Let’s see now, where was I?  Oh yes, left of with Skeletor.

I will try not to be quite so wordy but I had a great time in even just the one day, so I’m feeling a little bubbly.

One of the things that the wife and I were particularly looking forward to was the chance to meet Danielle Corsetto, creator of the webcomic Girls with Slingshots.  We were a little scared when we failed to find her booth right off, and wandered about for a bit looking for them.  Despair soon started to fall as we still failed to find her.  For those not in the know, GWS is a spectacularly funny webcomic she and I discovered a few weeks ago when we were looking through the C2E2 guest list.  I had been hoping mt favorites would be there again this year (Wondermark and Questionable Content–links on the home page) and finding that they were not, was looking for other things that might be fun.  Faye, that’s the wife as a reminder, saw the strip first and quickly got me into it as well.  The adventures of Hazel, Jaimie McPedro (the talking cactus!) and the legion of odd kitties they have has been one of the most fun strips I have ever read.  Started in 2004, the strip has been going strong ever since and has been Danielle’s full-time gig for quite some time.  As things were really looking bleak, we saw the booth.  There was nobody in the way at that moment and we pounced!  She was an absolute delight to speak to.  We each got McPedro plushies, and she did up word balloons to go with them.  Since we are both dirty minded, we asked for something dirty in the balloons and she happily obliged.  The less dirty of the 2 is below…

The drunken hero of our story...

She was a blast.  I also got the kitties poster which she added a ghost kitty sketch to, and a Special K mouse pad which she drew on as well.  Then she posed for a picture holding one of our McPedros with another in the foreground.

We all have photos like this in our past.

The big mission for Faye had been completed, and to be honest, meeting the creator of something I am currently very into was a lot of fun.  Most of what I do at these cons is talk to the older creators that were influencing my more formative years, so to have something current be as much fun as GWS is made this all the more special.

Then we moved on and found one of the collectibles booths that specialized in the more rare and, to be fair, pricey stuff.  I was not going to be able to pay the kind of money being asked for this beautifully crafted shield, but the guy selling it was more than willing to let me get a picture with it if we went over to the booth next door and donated $5 to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness folks that were there.  With the donation happily made I got my hero moment.

Not quite the Cap I remember

This thing was magnificent, and if I had $450 to spend on something that would sit on a shelf  (except for those times when the wife is out and I can stalk bravely around the house with it on my arm) I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

No comic and sci-fi convention would be complete without a little Doctor Who stuff, and in the booth that featured Mr. McNiece, mentioned last time was a great “Ironside” Dalek from the episode Victory of the Daleks.  I was surprised at how good it looked and didn’t think to ask if it was something that the store running the booth had created or if it was a genuine prop, or just a great replica.

Then we went back into Artist’s Alley for a while.  I have found that I need to do the alley in multiple trips through.  Partly due to the lines that may cause me to shy away until later, but also because I get a little overwhelmed.  You can very quickly become blinded to what you see and not remember any of it.  I try hard to hit a specific list of creators that I want to be sure not to miss.  I like to get them done and be sure I don’t miss the things I specifically came for.  I like the con sketchbooks a lot and I usually bring one item for each of them to be signed.  This year Gail Simone, Adam Hughes, Kevin MaGuire, Jill Thompson, Terry Moore and Dexter Vines were just a few of them and I managed to catch all of the above and most of the others on my list.  I will go into more about the people and the art next time.  Here I want to continue with the fans and the fun sites that you always see at these cons.

Among the many amazing costumes this year were a few more mid level characters represented.  Every cons sees lots of Wonder Womans and Batmen, not that many get graced as effectively by Booster Gold and Arnold J Rimmer from Red Dwarf!  As these two shots below show, you can do basic costumes well and if you really want to much more difficult costumes well if you are willing to make the effort to do it right.


The greatest hero you've never heard of.

There was lots of Marvel costumes too.  Some of the best were the Age of Apokolips versions of Wolverine, Rouge and Magneto.  At I think that’s where they are from since I didn’t read that series.

So what do you think? Taco Bell or Fishy Joe's?

I will wrap up this post with the last few of the very best pictures my wife Faye so ably took.  The next post will cover the stuff I brought back with me.  Well some of the stuff.  It is very easy to spend yourself into the poorhouse at these things just buying only the coolest stuff and leaving the just kind of cool for someone else.

The captions for theses following pictures say it all really…

A Star Wars family

No con is complete without Slave Leia

Good costumes for the MOS and the DK

The Dread Pirate Wesley

And no group of con pictures would be complete without hearing from the lovely ladies.  With these, I will leave you till next time when I wrap up my coverage of C2E2 2.0!

"I'm sorry Messrs Allen and West, DC Comics will not longer be needing your services."

An Adam Hughes drawing come to life!

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