Reviews archive and statement

I will post reviews on the main page on a more or less weekly basis.  More if there are enough interesting things to read.

When I get around to it and they are getting a little farther into the pile, and finding them is a chore, they will be archived at the bottom of this page.  Starting with the newest and going back from there.

I will try to keep the mix as varied as my budget will allow.  I hope to be able to provide any pertinent purchase info without putting in links (amazon does not need my help) and it is always better to support you local shops if you can.

The goal will not be to spoil the book, in fact I will stick to a strict NO SPOILERS policy unless they are vital to a review, and then I will give an ample warning.  No, the goal is to tell you what the book is about and who is likely to enjoy it most.  Warning of content will be provided as needed, but my assumption will always be that you are an adult capable of making your own choices.  I will just provide information to assist in that choice.

Another goal here will be to not be the “worst kind of fan”.  You know the one.  He is the guy that went to see the latest Star Trek film 7 times so he could complain about it to every person he took.  He is the one that says George Lucas is evil or whatever, while complaining that everything since Episode VI was crap.  The person that clearly does not love the medium, just being a fan so he can gripe about how is was so much better when…!  I like comics.  There will be, and very often is, stuff I don’t like.  There is much more out there I would rather not bother with than stuff I would recommend.  But you will not see that kind of mindless complaining here.  If someone posts that kind of thing here, I will likely delete it or edit it down.  I encourage opinions and actively seek feedback.  But if you are just negative because you are that kind of person, go to the Bendis boards or one of the many thousands of places that cater to you.  This is not one of those.  If I or anyone who might post a comment here has something negative to say, great, but it better be backed up by something other than “because it sucks” type arguments.  OK, end of rant.

I encourage anyone to leave feedback and even reviews of their own.

If there is something you would like reviewed, please feel free to let me know.

And now the back archive…


Not really all THAT incredible…

The Man Without Fear is Yellow!

We have always been each other’s greatest nemesises? Nemisi? Nemises?

Daredevil by Mark Waid

Daredevil vol 2 by Mark Waid review

PunisherMAX by Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon review

X-Men the Hidden Years TPB review

Strange the Doctor is Out review

Doctor Strange the Oath review

AvX and Infinite Comics

Supreme Power and Nova

Captain America: The First Avenger

X-Men: First Class (Film)

Thor (Film)


Fish Schticks—Aquaman vol 1 The Trench review

Why wont you stay dead?! Resurrection Man review

Action Comics vol 1: Superman and the Men of Steel

Superman: Grounded vol 1

Superman: Grounded vol 2

Batman Earth One review, (or, How to Build a better Batman.)

Batgirl vol 1 The Darkest Reflection review

Stormwatch (New 52) vol 1

Batman- Detective Comics: Faces of Death review

Justice League Origin HC: Review

Batman the Court of Owls: Review

Batman Year One (Movie)

Black Orchid Deluxe Edition HC review

Flex Mentallo Man of Muscle Mystery Deluxe Hardcover

Doom Patrol We Who are About to Die & Brotherhood

Secret Six: A Last Look

Action Comics #1 (New 52)

Animal Man #1 (New 52)

Detective Comics #1 (New 52)

Justice League #1 (New 52)

Green Lantern Film

All-Star Superman

75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Myth-Making

Other publishers and miscellaneous

Lost Girls

Why Does Batman Carry Shark repellant?–a brief review

Monocyte hardcover review

Leave it to Chance vol 1 review

Fell: review

Comic-Con Episode IV: a Fan’s Hope review

Questionable Content review

Rachel Rising vol 1


The Boys

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror


Rachel Rising

Dave Stevens: The Complete Sketches and Studies and The Art of Doug Sneyd

Star Trek: Leonard McCoy Frontier Doctor

Morning Glories vol 1 TPB

Star Trek Crew

Gahan Wilson: 50 Years of Playboy Cartoons

Tamara Drewe (Film)

The Last Unicorn

Global Frequency

I Kill Giants

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