Well, I am a Graphic Novel fan.  (That is comic books to most anyone born before 1970)

I will, as time permits, post my “reviews” of new stuff I have read, or if nothing new excites me enough to tell you about it, old classic comics and trade/hardcover collections.  I have been reading comics off and on (more on than off) since I could read anything.  The first comic book I ever bought with my own money was Human Fly #5.  Published by MARVEL in 1978 for a whopping cover price of 35 cents.  That book failed to kill my interest and I began in earnest to, as my Mother put it, waste my time and money.

Sooner or later I will post pictures of the collection.  The phrase coming into use recently is “shelf porn”, which fits the fetishistic nature of comics and any art leaning medium.

Movies and actual books without pictures are of interest too, but the crop has been a bit thin lately, so not very often on that one.

I am over 21 (way the hell over 21), married with 3 furkids.

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