Cap for President. Now where have I heard that before…?

Ultimate Captain America is now US President.  No, I am not spoiling anything.  If you read almost any comic book related item, or the Washington Post you will have already seen this.  Spoilers are a given at Marvel, so I don’t really care about it for this item.

I have already seen the idiots (pundits) arguing that this is not the Cap they remember.  Obviously, it isn’t.  No fans that recall Cap from childhood are recalling Ultimate Cap.  This Cap is a right-wing conservative and only slightly to the right of Rush Limbaugh.  The Captain America most of us think of is the one in the 616 Marvel universe.  He died and came back recently.  Found his long dead partner back from the dead too.  The classic Cap has already been in the spotlight as a potential candidate for US President.  In the November 1980 issue (number 250) of Captain America, Roger Stern and John Byrne’s run on the book had yet to achieve the legendary status it has since been granted.  They were on the book for less than a year and managed to imprint themselves on the book in such a way that their version of the character was THE version for a long time. 

In that now classic issue, our hero did the right thing and declined a nomination for the highest office in the land.  He did it for all the right reasons.  He is not selfish that way.  Characterized then and for much of the time since, as a New Deal democrat, that Cap is all about the oppressed and downtrodden.  He fit that category once himself after all.  (with the exception of the Brubaker run, he has pretty much always been portrayed this way) The ultimate version is very much the opposite, but for all the same reasons.  His reaction to the “man out of time” situation he was placed in is harsher and more conservative, but it comes from the same place inside.  The ultimate version accepts the job as President for the same reasons classic Cap turns it down.  There are even parallels between the speeches given.  Ultimate Cap will likely be presented as a poor choice for President, as he is not as strong a person in this incarnation.  He is far more selfish and fallible.  He takes the office, I think, because he thinks he can do better.  Generally, those are the people throughout history that have failed the most spectacularly.


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