A Change in the Way of Things: an Update

DC IS cutting back the subscription model.  At this time the list of titles that are still offered for subscription are…

Action Comics
Batman And Robin
Batman: The Dark Knight
Detective Comics
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Justice League
Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

all the other titles are ending subscription availability after issue 10.  I was correct in my presumption that it was a cost issue affected by the cost of print and the lower profit margin of mailed subscriptions.

Dan DiDio has stated on his Facebook page…(sourced from Bleeding Cool–I cannot find the direct attribution, so this could be hooey)

“Unfortunately we are cancelling certain subscriptions that don’t do not get enough mail orders to justify the subscription service. A best-selling book does not always translate to a high selling subscription and there is very little relation between the two. Well, given some feedback, you might say that we reviewed the list and Aquaman might be “off the hook.”

This is a measure to make the books and DC’s bottom line as a whole stronger.  Marvel may follow suit, in fact I would be surprised if they didn’t.  The old subscription model still in use, is very out of date with the modern comics industry and the way things are distributed.  It is amazing it took this long to start scaling back.  To be honest, I was not even aware they still offered old-fashioned mail subscriptions untill a few months ago.



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