A change in the way of things

DC subscribers to Aquaman, Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing and Justice League International got odd notices in the mail.  Their subscriptions would be ending with issue 10, and be ported over to different books.  JLI was announced this week as being cancelled, but the others are still going as far as anyone is aware.  Are they moving away from mail subscription as a method of distribution?

JLI seems as though it will continue in SOME form fairly soon after the last issue (# 12) is released.  It sells fairly well, so it seems odd to kill it and not replace it.  I think that cancellation is story driven.  The other books raise questions though.  The notices state that readers should go to their local comics shop to continue reading the titles.

Could this be the way DC moves farther away from the print model without undercutting the stores?  Subscriptions have lower profit margins than selling digitally or to the retailers, so that could be the attempt here.  I remember my subscription days with fondness, and like me back then, not everyone has a store nearby.  This could cause some animosity, but I think DC is fully prepared to not care much.

if something interesting happens on this, I will update…



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2 responses to “A change in the way of things

  1. That is bizzare. Jeff Lemire is just about to begin a run on JLD and ST seems like its only just getting started so cancellations on those would be quite a shock. Aquaman being cut, a Geoff Johns book? I don’t think so.

    A simple renaming might be possible though; Swampt Thing may return to Vertigo, International is endiing and that Lemire run seems to be something of a fresh start for JLD so I can see them making it another #1 for fun. Again though Aquaman is an outlier, I can’t see them changing that.

    I would definately say that they must b cutting subscriptions ( which i only just realised were possible) down, though why only those books I don’t know. Are they all released in the one week?

    • The same time of the month? Had not thought of that. Makes sense i suppose. Other than JLI, which IS cancelled, I don’t see real cancellations for any of these others that is not story related, which means they will continue under another name or renumbered. I think that is likely with JLI too. I had subscriptions forever ago but for most people they are not much of a concern. The relatively few people that dont live near a shop could just use DCBS or any other service. I think it will prove to be a way to push print out of this part of the model. Subscriptions are lower profit. That is the bottom line there, I think.

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