Comics I can get excited about in 2012

I have not been this excited about upcoming comics in a while.  The crop of new books looks rich and varied.  It has been years since this many books, both ongoing and new, had me this interested in the coming issues.

To start with the most controversial one…

I am looking forward to Before Watchmen.  Yes, I am just a tool of the DC corporate structure.  I don’t care.  These look good, or at least some of them do.  Comic books are corporate entities and the comics that are both popular sellers and never followed up on are rare indeed.  Alan Moore can gripe all he wants; DC owns these and gets to play with them if they want.  The original was a masterpiece and a landmark in the medium, but that does not make it untouchable.  The new books cannot destroy what has been done before.  The original will always be out there, so enjoy.  These new books are by creators every bit as talented as Moore and Gibbons and deserve the same chance to play in this particular sandbox if they choose.  Ultimately if they tell good stories, that is all that matters.  Personally, I think that there is every chance that one or more of these could turn out better than the original, but I also have no doubt they will get none of the recognition of the original whether they deserve it or not.

And the next most controversial on the list…

Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples Saga has generated a fair bit of chatter online.  This is due mostly to the cover.  Apparently breastfeeding is an evil that mere humans cannot stand to be exposed to.  Never mind the countless impossibly large, gravity-defying breasts barely covered by skin-tight spandex.  No, those are just fine, thank you.  We likes ‘em big, fake and barely covered by cloth.  We do not likes ‘em barely covered by a baby’s head, it seems.  The preview of this book I saw looks like it may well be a fantastic book.  Vaughn has already made a name for himself with great books like Ex Machina and Pride of Bagdad, and this will be every bit the classic story those were.

The next trade volume of Atomic Robo is due this month, and I am thrilled.  Silly, fun and exciting in equal measure, this book is what adventure comics should be about.  It is called The Ghosts of Station X and I imagine it will follow the same fun style we have come to love from the team of characters from Tesladyne.  Any book that regularly has a talking robot from the start of the 20th Century, an evil brain in a jar and a talking intelligent dinosaur gets my vote.  Wegener and Clevenger have created one of the freshest, most enjoyable comics out there today.  Reading this book now that I am a mere lad of 43, I get the same fun, druggy glow I got in the 70’s reading comics as a mere lad of 10.

Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising is another book that has really interested me.  The trade of the first six issues is due shortly from Abstract Studios.  This book is the most interesting thing Moore has done since SiP and it is easily the most compelling and rich story I have read in several years. 

Since Mark Waid has announced the end of Irredeemable and Incorruptible, I find I am looking forward to these even more.  I have always preferred stories that actually have a planned end, and the fact that this is arriving is a good thing.  This has been a great couple of books, and the end should be impressive.  I have been in a Waid mood lately.  His new run on Daredevil has been a real surprise.  Not that he is doing it so well, but that a Daredevil book is actually good.  That has not been the case for several years. 

Then there is the first crop of hard covers and trades from the New 52. My pull list is up to six of these, and I am equally giddy about all of them. 

There is also Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss 2.  If you never read the first one from nearly 30 years ago, this book will probably shock you.  The first one was porn.  There is really not another way to say it.  The difference between this and regular “bom-chicka wow wow” porn, is the story.  You cannot tell this story without the adult content.  It is integral to the plot and the feel of the book.  This will not sell as well as it should, just because of what will be some fairly harsh stuff.  But if you are open minded and hard to offend, this will be a great book.

Then there is my “squeeeeee” nerdgasm.  Star Trek the Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation2.  I cannot wait for this.  Not only is it by top flight creators, but is just about the nerdiest, most fun crossover idea I have ever heard of.  This book will rock!

And lastly is Batman: Earth One.  Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are the team bringing this to us.  Johns has been pretty good, and I am a big Frank fan so I am very excited about this.  I really hope that this turns out to be an even bigger game-changer that the Superman: Earth One GN from last year.  I liked that book quite a lot, but I really think they could have gone farther than they did.  This is an Elseworld’s story for all intents and purposes, even if they are not using that branding anymore, so why not go for it like they did with some of those?

In any event, these are some of the books coming in the next couple of months or so that I want to see.  Anything you are excited about?


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