Why not these comics as movies & TV…?

With all the effort and money being spent on movies and TV shows based on comic book properties, I was thinking about some of the untapped potential out there to convert comic properties into either movies or TV series.

The first one that seems to get the most regular fan service is Sandman.  Personally, I think this would make an awful movie, or at least need to be so changed to translate, that it would offend every fan of the book out there.  Make no mistake, I am a fan of this book, but this is just not going to make a good film.  It would make a great TV series though.  I know they are working on American Gods and I hope that it translates well giving Gaiman and the producers the desire to try it with Sandman

Another book I would really like to see done for TV is Mage by Matt Wagner.  The style of this story would lend itself well to the format and be a very fun series.  Despite the need for some serious special effects in the story, they are manageable; the cast would be a relatively small one.  To be honest though, I would just be happy if the final book of the 3 book series would show up before I die.  Wagner’s other property; Grendel would also make for a pretty decent ongoing TV series.

Something that might make a fun all ages film is Joe the Barbarian, by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy.  It could be done as light or as dark depending on what the film makers want.  The story is something that could be very malleable without wholesale changes and is a touching and involving story that can reach any audience.  Another good potential source for another all ages film is I Kill GiantsThis is still one of my favorite books and I cannot imagine this one failing if it were done by someone good.  Hey, Pixar, jump at it!

Why Strangers in Paradise has not been done as a TV show is beyond me.  Terry Moore’s masterpiece has it all.  Drama, complex relationships, sex, violence and plenty of room for melodrama of the prime time soap variety.  It crosses most of the adult target demographics and still manages a very powerful and intense story.  This would most certainly need to be on a network like HBO, as the content would need to be fairly adult, but this show just screams “must watch”.

Paul Chadwick’s Concrete might translate well to either medium, really.  It is such a well told story that just about any way you decided to tell it, could work.  There is the sci-fi/fantasy element and the dramatic aspects that could really set a show based on this one of the coolest offerings in either medium.

Am I the only one out there that would love to see another Rocketeer movie?  Slap Zac Effron or Taylor Lautner in the helmet and that is a movie that makes a pile of cash. (The wife unit agrees strongly on this one)

Since Hollywood is doing so much rebooting, it would be nice to see some of the books that were ruined back in the day, be given a proper treatment.  Dr Strange could be super cool now and Marvel is said to be working on it.  The 1978 made-for-TV movie starring Peter Hooten was so cheaply done that it is actually a little trippy and cool, but with all the play sparkly vampires and young monster hunters get these days, just make him a 20 something (or a very youthful and cool 30) and this film sells itself.

I would like to see another try at Isis too.  The Saturday morning Shazam/Isis Power Hour was fun for the mid 70’s and could probably be well done today.  But that is just me wishing. 

A failed attempt to bring Wonder Woman back last year shows that the mainstream is not ready for this one yet.  Either David E Kelly tanked it or a Linda Carter-less show is just not going to fly .  Speaking of failed tries, Global Frequency had lots of potential but Warner Brothers soured on it when they failed to grasp the viral quality of fans on the internet. At least the pilot is out the to be downloaded.

These and all the great series that have made good cartoons series like FF, Justice League etc; there are piles of worthy material waiting to be tapped.



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6 responses to “Why not these comics as movies & TV…?

  1. girlinguysworld

    I feel like both books of Maus by Art Spiegelman would make a great animated tv series as well. The books are already read by middle schoolers and up as a way to depict the holocaust, and it would be an educational investment for whoever chooses to create it.

    • Oh, I completely forgot about Maus! Great choice! Now I am a little jealous. But I will get over it when I go re read Maus.
      It is nice to see positive comments too. I have been flooded–or as flooded as a tiny little blog gets–with haters that clearly just enjoy hating rather than finding something to enjoy.

      • girlinguysworld

        I never understood why someone would troll a blog or site just for the purpose of hating on other people. If you have a good comment, post it. If not, find something more productive to do with your time.

        Anyway, I enjoy your take on comics, and as I’m really only familiar with certain Batman graphic novels and a few other rare series, I appreciate your knowledge on the subject. If you have any suggestions on a good graphic novel series please let me know.

      • I suppose it depends on the kind of things you like. All Star Superman is a great place to start if you like super heroes but don’t want to have your intelligence insulted. Planetary by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday is another good series, but a lot of that is pulled from the history of comics and pulp, so if you don’t have a huge grounding there, that may not be a great place to start.One of the best series I have ever read is still Mage by Matt Wagner. I’m fairly sure the 2 volumes are still in print in some form. It was 2 15 issue series, with a third coming someday. Most of Jonathan Hickman’s creator owned Image work is pretty good, and very tightly written. There is Sandman of course. Probably the finest fantasy series ever, or at least of the last 30 years. But that is a pretty big outlay for the trades. If you do though, the first trade is just set up really, so be patient with it. On the lighter side there is Liberty Meadows, a strip style comic that reads well in the collected editions. If you like Batman stuff there is always Matt Wagner’s Batman/Grendel GN. The two series are collected in one decent size trade and is a very good read. Wagner also did a great 3 issue series called Trinity that is collected. Don’t confuse it with the Godawful series of the same name that ran for a year at the same time 52 started up. Ick. Get reading, and let me know what you find. If you read any of these, I would love to hear your take on them.

      • I forgot to ask…”rare series”? I’m curious. Having read comics since the 70’s I have come across some rarities, some of which will be in the blog in a while. I am always looking for old overlooked gems or nostalgia trips. So, what kind of rare series?

      • girlinguysworld

        Only a few sadly, I’m still getting into reading comics and haven’t really had the budget to buy many new ones lately. I have read Blacksad, and the illustration in that entire series is just amazing. I’ve seen comic book artists who don’t get half the emotion that Juanjo Guarnido is able to create in his animalistic characters. I’ve read V for Vendetta and Persepolis before the movie came out, and recently I’ve found Zahra’s Paradise, an Iranian comic about the protests in Tehran in 2009. I also read many webcomics, such as Least I Can Do, Girls with Slingshots, The Oatmeal, The Book of Adam (which is more of a blog) Questionable Content, and a few others. I think that’s about it for my rare reads, not many there.

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