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Evil in the guise of “your” government!

In America, ANY form of censorship is WRONG!

SOPA and PIPA are bad bills and should be killed.

One of the possible outcomes of these bills is to effect personal blogs such as this.  I post content without permission.  The header picture and almost all of the other pictures here are there because they relate to the topic at hand.  But because I do not own them, this blog and any other that posts or even links to something they do not own or have specific permission to use, can be affected by these bills.

I do not always agree with what is said or shown online, and I am against piracy of intellectual property.  If asked by the copyright holders of a particular image to remove something, I would do so gladly.  These bills could still shut me, and anyone out there like me down.  I make no money from this site and that does not matter.  Am I LIKELY to be directly affected? No.  Dont be silly.  Nobody cares about personal blogs.  Yet.  The term “slippery slope” exists for a reason.  Take away any single right, and more will follow, even if the reason for doing so is ostensibly a good one.  No one should be allowed to pirate content or property, and if these bills had any chance of stopping that, there might be some merit to them.  The wording of these bills will not stop piracy.  They can, in the wrong hands, stop the free exchange of ideas and opinions.  Our government, like any large group in power, should not be trusted to do the right thing.  That is why there are laws in place to protect the citizens.  The Bill of Rights, and the first and most significant part of it, is under attack by the passing of this bill.  No, the bills do not spell this out, but when laws are vaguely written, they are misused.  Period.  There are lots of things I am opposed to, but I am not so arrogant or self-centered to think that my not liking something is reason to prevent everyone else from seeing it.  Any form of censorship, however well-meaning, ALWAYS leads to this in the end.  “Give them an inch…” and all that.

And in clear violation of the laws I am hoping to see defeated, I am going to post here, completely without permission, someone else’s ideas.  They are good words and deserve to be heard.  After today, they may be harder to see at the original site, so they will stay here untill I am asked by the creator of these ideas to remove them.  This is from a great web comic called Wondermark, and there is and always has been a link to this site on the right side of this page.  Another thing that can potentially be affected by these bills.  This is probably the best analogy I have heard for this issue.

“To combat the problem of movie piracy, SOPA and PIPA give the government the power to firewall the entire U.S. internet.

This like planting dynamite under a busy highway bridge in order to catch fleeing burglars, then handing the trigger to someone who hates cars.

What’s likely to happen?

• What burglars there are, will take another route. (SOPA/PIPA do not target pirates, but rather sites that link to alleged piracy. Real pirates can easily sidestep the restrictions.)

• Law-abiding business trucks, scared of the dynamite, will ALSO take another route. (The huge legal and financial burden of compliance with the new law will discourage startups, stifling independent businesses based in the United States.)

• The dynamite is likely to go off whenever the trigger person sees anybody who looks slightly suspicious — burglar or not. (Claims of “piracy” could be used as a weapon against websites to silence them for competitive or political reasons.)

Despite the fact that nobody in Congress can agree on health care, the budget, or anything else, bought-and-paid-for politicians from both sides of the aisle have lined up to defend these bills. It’s pretty disgusting. Movie piracy is simply not more important than the safety and integrity of the entire Internet, which is my whole livelihood.”

Don’t take it from me, though. You can read more about the details of SOPA and PIPA here:




One of the sites that is blacking itself out today in protest of the bill, and probably the most read of them, is Wikipedia.  Go there and follow the links to tell your representative that you don’t agree.

Go.  Now.

But only if your rights, as promised to you by our founding fathers actually mean something to you.


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