Frank Miller and the haters.

I am not really all that interested in the politics of the creators in the comics industry.  Never have been.  But to be fair, I have very little interest in most other people’s politics either.  So when all the hoopla about Miller’s post online about the Occupy protesters hit the boards, I really had no interest.  Then the storm started.  I cannot escape the onslaught of people putting in their two cents and, as a general rule, calling Miller everything from a Nazi to just a cranky old man.  None of these people seem the least bid interested in the fact that it is his opinion, just that the opinion is wrong, evil, uninformed or just plain stupid.

Mark Millar has been one of the very few voices of reason so far, pointing out rightly that in America, we get to voice our opinions, and people are free to agree or disagree at will.  But ultimately, these detractors are only interested in the internet equivalent of ringing the doorbell and running away.  That it is a valid opinion, as ALL opinions are, makes no difference to these fools.  I personally think his opinion is fuelled by fear, as many, if not all extreme views are.  I feel sorry for anyone that cannot look objectively at an issue because they are blinded by emotion, however legitimate or well founded the emotional response may be.  Back to Mark Millar for a moment, I always love it when someone not actually from the US is the only one in the discussion that points out that what we confuse as rights, are actually privileges.

I don’t agree with Frank Miller’s statements, just as most of the other posters state.  The difference is that I know that he has every right to any opinion he wants.  He probably should have kept it to himself.  That is the trap of Twitter and Facebook etc.  The SEND or POST keys have no filter asking “Are you SURE you want to make an ass of yourself?”


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  1. Brandon

    There’s nothing wrong an expression of opinion (fighting terrorists is more important than fighting bankers) but to call everyone involved in the Occupy movement “pond scum” and “rapists” who should “go back to your mommas’ basements” makes him sound like a loon. And if he’s trying to be persuasive: massive fail. It’s a sad to see someone who wrote such great comics now reduced to a bunch of name calling.

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