Something you should look into…

This is the advance image for the cover.

This is a site you should check out, Eliza Frye is scary talented and this looks to be a great project. I am absolutely on board with my pledge!

Most of the stories are available to read on her site and are really something special.

The stories are odd little things with stunning and subtle art.  Her training and background are evident at all times and the style is loose without being a mess.  The result is a group of stories that flow easily from start to finish and can sometimes leave you unsatisfied, like many good stories.  It is not always a good thing to have a narrative that ties itself in a neat bow at the end.  Sometimes stories are messy things like the lives they describe and sometimes they end in a sad manner.  Not to call these stories depressing in any way.  Sometimes they feel cathartic and others they are light and fun (wistful might be a better word here), but always personal and penetrating.  Dark is part of the sensibility that comes across.  If you are in the wrong frame of mind, these can be very dark indeed, but to others in a more relaxed mood, there is a certain black humor in some of these.  Maybe that is an impression unique to me, but these are quite a variety, in my mind.  The Eisner nominated story, “The Lady’s Murder” was a clever look at an unfolding mystery, the art for which sets the tone as powerfully as the text.

I was lucky enough to speak briefly with Eliza at Wizard World in Chicago and found her clear minded and very focused on getting her work out there for as many people to see as possible.  I feel bad that i was unable to get anything at the con from her, but by the later part of the day I was pretty punchy and failed to find her again. 

Fortunately I happened upon her Kickstarter page for this great looking project and as a way of  making sure everybody that can see it does, I alert you to this book now.

An original piece called Puffy.

Take a look at the comics on her site.  If you like what you see, then contribute to the project before the end of this month and all manner of treats will come your way!

These pictures and links are included here without permission and if asked I will remove them.

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