Dave Stevens

A new header today.  March 11 2008 one of the finest artists that has ever graced a comics page died.  I thought this week I would post a few of his pieces here for all to enjoy.  Starting with the header.  See the full piece at the bottom of this post since it will not stay as the header.  This is a Bettie Page colored pencil drawing that I fell in love with the moment I saw it.  I cannot afford original art, so I usually have to content myself with little things like this.  At conventions, like C2E2 coming up in just a few days, I get the convention sketchbooks and other items from the artists I like when they are there.  I have been incredibly fortunate to meet most of my favorite artists and authors.  Unfortunately Dave Stevens was not one of them.  Like Douglas Adams he is one of those people that I would have given almost anything to meet and speak with.

Here is another fun piece, this one fully rendered.  From 1985 this is one of the first ones I recall seeing and immediately thought it was the coolest thing since Gil Elvgren, another of my favorites.  So much fun and so ghoulish at the same time.  What really got me about this one was the use of color.  The figure is as flatly colored as it can be and still appear real while the pumpkins and the surprise within them are as richly vibrant as possible, lending something akin to hyper realism.  As with all the best of the classic pin up artists, he never loses that sense of fun.  This one is clearly meant to be as tounge in cheek as possible while maintaining that creepy hint.



Now for a little cheesecake…

Looks a little bitchy to me.  Kinda young too.  He always had a way of putting his own spin on an established character without loosing the essential familiar aspects of it.

This is one of my favorites.  A little Marilyn, a little Jayne Mansfield and even a little Dorothy Stratton.

The softness of the drawing creates a mood that has a little sadness in it.  But he never forgets to bring the sexy.

Oh no!  Nudity!  Gasp!
Dont worry kids, mommy will understand.
A genuine cheesecake shot.  This is one of his specialities.  He could have sex and an alluring quality without being lewd or even remotely smutty.  Something that a lot of the modern pin up artists have never mastered, let alone forgotten.
More to come later on this artist…

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